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Good things come to those who Rub.

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Experience the flavors on your favorites… but not limited to your imagination!

Fludd'sRub - original

Fludd’sRub - Original


Fludd'sRub - dipping herbs

Fludd’sRub - Dipping Herbs

Fludd'sRub - 4xgarlic

Fludd’sRub 4xGarlic

Simply garlicky!

Fludd'sRub - blackened

Fludd’sRub Blackened

(Big, Bold & Spicy)

Fludd'sRub - coffee

Fludd’sRub Coffee - Salt Free

Poultry Variety

Elevate your dishes with a symphony of spices.

About Us

FluddsRub is a locally created seasoning for all different types of meal preparations.

seafood dish

Only the Best Organics

We source the highest quality Organic Spices. We use Natural Ingredients and no GMOs. We do not add Silicon Dioxide to any of our blends.

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