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**If you are interested in purchasing any of our spices, or our spice box collection, please reach out to me on the contact page to place your order**

Fludd'sRub - original

Original (All-purpose) - $10

“Sweet, salty, earthy, citrusy flavors and more, with a hint of heat on the backend, experiencing a unique flavor in every bite”

- Meats...enhance the flavor by grilling, smoking, or air frying.
- Fruits & Veggies (watermelon, pineapple / corn on the cob)
- Specialty Drinks (rim your favorite Bloody Mary and Margarita)
- Snacks (popcorn, celery, French fries)

Fludd'sRub - dipping herbs

Dipping Herbs - $10

“Just add high-quality Olive Oil”

- High-quality oils: Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO), Spanish, Greek, Grapeseed
- Try with infused Olive Oil: Garlic, Jalapeno, Lemon, Truffle, and more...
- Specialty breads: French, Rosemary, Italian Rustic / Herb

Fludd'sRub - blackened

Blackened (Big, Bold & Spicy) - $10

“Adds Boldness & Body”

- Pairs best with seafood (use in the place of OLD BAY), and great on poultry!

4x garlic seasoning

4xGarlic Simply garlicky! - $10

“Intense garlic, but carefully hand-crafted to satisfy the mild garlic lovers”

- Try on your best cuts of premium beef, pork, wild game meats, and pastas!

Fludd'sRub - coffee

Coffee - Salt Free -$10

“And they said you could only drink coffee...” 

Enhance the flavor with quick sears for the perfect medium/ medium rare finish!

- Chicken: Try a coffee-flavored Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad! Pairs well with Caesar dressing!
- Seafood: Unbelievably delicious on Salmon, and grilled fish for kicked-up fish tacos!
- Try on your best cuts of premium beef, pork, wild game meats, and pastas!
- Excellent on Skirt Steak!

Spice Collection Box

spice collection box

Spice Collection includes:

- Custom Gift Box
​- 5-4oz. glass jars filled with handcrafted rubs & and seasonings
- 1-2oz. "
free sample" (Fludd'sRub Dipping Herbs)
- "
Free" Fludd'sRub t-shirt w/ 2 or more Spice Collection orders (in same purchase)
Product Fact Sheet - Recommendations for pairing each product with your favorite foods!

Spices: Made to order/not ready-made

-Fludd'sRub ORIGINAL -- 40z. (contains natural Brown Sugar... some clumping may occur)
- Fludd'sRub BLACKENED - 4oz.
- Fludd'sRub 4xGARLIC - 4oz.
- Fludd'sRub FLAMMIN FLUDD's - 4oz.
- Fludd'sRub DIPPING HERBS - 2oz (free sample)


**Shipping charges will apply**

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